About Me
I am  a professional photographer working in abstract, fine art, portrait, and commercial styles. My work is bold, yet approachable. In a very short time, I've garnered interest from artists, collectors, interior designers and other photographers.
My images are unique, with vibrant, colourful themes and subjects. I'm attracted to bright colourful lights, creating abstract images that will make you shake your head, then draw your imagination in to explore the intricacies of the pieces.
I look forward to sharing my work.
My work is available for gallery exhibitions, to purchase and for licensed reproduction. I'm available for commission work and offers a wide variety of workshops and private instruction to beginning through to advanced photographers.
My Story
I've been involved in photography for almost as long as I can remember... mostly as a shutterbug, and enthusiast, but have found over the past few years that it is providing me with the ideal outlet for my artistic expression. Most recently, I’ve begun a new career as a professional photographer.
My father was a hobby photographer, and always had interesting cameras around... dual lens reflex, 3D, multiple lens cameras along with 35 mm range finders, micro spy cameras, and whatever you could imagine. Unfortunately, he gave away his collection before I "caught the bug".
I remember many times he would have us sit or stand posing for eternities while composing the image, setting up the camera and loading the film that he'd forgotten to do before the session started. He also had darkroom equipment and showed me how to load the developing tank, use the enlarger and develop black and white film.
Over the years I got an SLR, moved to point and shoot, kept shooting and developing black and white, learning many of the processing techniques that helped me touch up the images that I captured. I remember well the first digital camera that I got my hands on, and better yet, the first image processing program. I haven't been in a darkroom since, and was an immediate advocate for digital imaging.
I am totally addicted to Lightroom and Photoshop, along with various PlugIns that help me to creatively enhance my images. . As for my artistic style... I'll say it's closest to Photographic Impressionism. My professional photography spans portraits, commercial and fine art photography.
While skilled at creating realistic images, and am always endeavouring to improve my skills in terms of lighting, image capturing and other techniques, I love to create art that starts with using my camera. My first career was as a professional tuba player, studying classical music and performed professionally with ensembles, orchestras, bands and various groups from Dixie, polka, avant garde jazz, folk rock and more. It was through my music that I was drawn to multi-disciplinary performance art, being dubbed the "Too Bizarre Tuba Czar", who played "Outside of Outside" (a compliment in Avant Garde circles).
So... as for my fine art photography... I push myself to create images that exist outside the box... guided by my mind's eye. My music photos evoke sound from the images. Motion is not arbitrary, designed to make the viewer feel the essence of the image. Sometimes, however, there is no rhyme, nor reason for the image. I just work it on it until something appears that I love.
Most of my images are heavily processed. and are captured as a single image. While I appreciate the idea of "Straight Out of the Camera (SOOC), it is not something that I do myself. Perhaps, as my techniques develop, gaining a better understanding of how my minds eye can translate straight through the lens to a digital image, that will change.
Enjoy these visual musings and let your imagination run wild. Let me know what you see.
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